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I want to encourage all who say the name of Jesus when praying, or sharing their faith, to join me in an attempt to bring the church of God to unity, based on His Word. The Word of God is the standard for unity. If we, the church prove all things, and hold fast that which is good; God (yours and mine) will be glorified.

Who is it that I’m referring to as being “the church”? Any church that purports to be Christian, or Disciples, Followers, Ambassadors of Jesus, or Christ, or Messias, or The Nazarene. And any church that purports to be Christian, or Disciples, Followers, Ambassadors of Jesus, or Christ, or Messias, or The Nazarene needs to be in line with the Word of God for the sake of God’s Glory, and for the sake of sinners, who are lost, not knowing where to put their trust.

And again, I encourage all church leaders to re-examine, and take a fresh look at what you teach to see if it is in line with the word of God. If it is, teach it and share it with your brothers and sisters who also teach the Word. If it’s not, humbly accept reproof from God, who reigns sovereign, rejoice in the truth, and make a decision to teach the new-found truth.

How can you tell if teaching is in line with the Word of God? In practical terms, the Word of God cannot be refuted by church creed, dogma, tradition, vote, and such like; not an individual’s spiritual revelation (since we, humans tend to miss God from time to time--God is perfect, but we‘re not), and certainly not human emotion. Diligently compare teachings to the scriptures, and the ones that come to unanswered questions, or dead ends need to be reconsidered. It may be a good indicator if you read one scripture, and then talk for twenty minutes. It’s not acceptable to end up with, “that’s something we can’t know until we get to heaven”, or “God has chosen to leave that a mystery“.

I'm posting some Bible Studies that are straight to the point with short straight-to-the-point comments with no story-telling. I pray that they will be a blessing to all who read and consider them to see if they are the truth.

If you are not the sit-down-and-study type, you don’t have to memorize all of the definitions, but you can just observe and know that all of this comes from the Word of God, and I‘m not just making it up.

I am open to thoughtful correction from the Word of God, and am not moved by simple angry rebuke.  Prophesies of condemnation by someone to claims to be filled with the Holy Spirit, I question according to the Word of God.

This website is, by no means, finished. As I receive questions, I will post short, non-anecdotal, concise studies. As I receive thoughtful correction, I will make appropriate revisions to clarify or change, in order to align with God‘s Word.

Please know and understand that I am not trying to start my own denomination. This is not a new church, so you can’t become a member, and you can‘t advance to leadership. This is an auxillary ministry to the church. My plan is to start a fire, and then step down. This is not a movement without a head. Jesus is the head.

In the name of Yahoshua HaMashiach, and in His Love,

Wesley Speck, nobody but His Servant.